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Iím Katrin Ray, a Toronto-based artist, as well as my husband (Yuri Shumakov aka Julian Ray), who is also a composer, whose music inspires me continuously :-) You can listen to his music at Julian Ray Music

Well-known in Origami world as Katrin Shumakov, Yuri and I are internationally recognized professional origami artists. First introduced to origami in France in 1989, we developed this art in our unique way. We created the fantastic Oriland world, which consists of amazing paper creations that have been exhibited in different countries across the globe. I'm holding PhD in psychology for a research that showed how origami helps the development of children: creates conditions of intensive interaction of the brainís hemispheres and effectively allows development of motor skills of both hands, intellectual and creative abilities.

Being mostly involved into paper arts and graphic design, I also explore the world of photography and find it quite flexible for artistic expression. Itís like a digital paintbrush! All these digital capabilities, available now, allow experimenting with new techniques to create digital art works. So, I definitely will do post-processing where I feel it is needed, or just leave the photograph pristine, depending on my idea.

Known in photography world as Katrin Ray, I am a winner of Toronto Photo Contest 2010. My Toy-ronto series was on display at Vistek Galleries across Canada a couple of years back. See about it here .
Some of my images are available for licensing at Getty.

You are welcome to visit my photo gallery on Flickr.

Yuri and I have done all artworks for our Oriland and we developed own distinctive unmistakable style of drawing Origami step-by-step diagrams in computer programs. We both freely use CorelDraw, Corel Photo-Paint, FreeHand, Photoshop, Acrobat to name just the main ones. Book layout & design, logos, pre-press, illustration, brochures, advertisements, flyers, posters - all the possible work of that kind in Oriland are made by us. I should also to mention that I have created most of the artworks for Julian Ray Music. I'm available for commissioned work in art, design and photo fields. If you would like a quote, please contact over Oriland or over Flickr with a description of your project, deadline and contact information. I love creativity and everything connected with it. Je suis artistique et j'adore ca ! :-)

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